HSSE is a way of life for us at Okara, caring for the environment and the people around us is one of the most important chapters we teach every employee of the company. Strict compliance of the HSSE policy is our biggest challenge and our gift to mankind with whom we share our world with.

Every Okara office is fitted with the latest fire fighting gadgets, first aid kits and air-cooled and all the necessities to make working a pleasure.

Every truck is fitted with all the necessary gadgets like dual braking systems, fire extinguisher, seats belts, reverse alarm, specialised seats, OE cabins, first aid kit.

Every driver is trained for the art of defensive driving by institutes like IRTE and HUBERT and EBNOR. Since these drivers do hundreds of kilometres a day, to make sure that every kilometre covered was safer than the last one is our motto and to make the roads safer is our biggest challenge. With the help of this specialised training we ensure that our drivers are the best in the industry with accident ratios close to negligible.

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