Export Division

This is one of the biggest business that we are into, to carry export consignments to Dronagiri from Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida-Meerut-Ghaziabad-Panipat-Ludhiana in our ISO 9000 Standard Containers so the consignment can reach in time to catch the vessel .We are aware of how important time is to this business, the consignment must reach under any circumstances. Each and every truck carrying the Export Cargo has a minimum 2 drivers on every truck, the tyres are in the best of condition so there are no punctures, the engines are most healthy to ensure no breakdowns and most important the attitude of the driver is always positive with the goal well defined so failure is never discussed. The officers in charge of handling Export Cargo both at origin and the final destination have vast expertise in the business and co-ordinate with the CFA from time to time so handing over cargo is always smooth to the CFA. Zero communication gaps are maintained since time is crucial. The time offered by us is normally 60 hours where no premium is charged but in case the cargo has to reach faster then we have a faster service called Express service where we guarantee a 36 to 40 hour delivery schedule for which a premium is charged. For the convenience of our customers we have our warehouses situated at Dronagiri/Kalamboli/Mumbai where cargo can be stored if the need arises and delivered at the convenience of the CFA within no time. Not only big but also small consignments (LCL) are delivered within a given time frame through our small capacity trucks. The list of customers we handle for the export cargo division is endless however if references are required we would be glad to furnish the same to you.

Industrial Division

We are associated with the biggest industries that relay on us for their valuables to reach in time every time. As you are aware that the industries do not wish to keep inventory beyond a few hours or a few days so we are the transport and Logistics Company they trust for helping them keep low inventory so their factory can run without any hindrance and the cost of storing the raw material is always kept low. Smaller loads are treated with the same importance with our smaller capacity trucks and the same can be delivered at your doorstep. Since paying for our services each time you use them will be quite a tedious job for your accounts department, we can get into different billing cycles according to you convenience and one consolidated bill can be given to you and payment cycles can be amicably decided.
Right from moving raw material and the finished goods we can move the entire plant for you and invite you to cut the ribbon. Storing the goods in our warehouses is never a problem that can be accessible to you 24/7.

Small Parcel Division

We have offices located in different cities whose address is on the last page so our customers can book smaller loads in the area, which are situated in the vicinity of your factory or warehouse. Once these consignments reach the final destination they can be stored for as long you want in our conveniently located warehouses. Within minutes our go-down keepers will trace the consignment from our mammoth warehouses. We also offer a 3D Service (Door to Door Delivery) for small loads, be it a small parcel or a whole ship load we deliver all.
Our friendly marketing team is always at call, to give you on the spot rates and explain the services to you in person. They have complete knowledge of the paperwork and documents required to accompany your valuables so there is no legal problems en-route.

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