Vehicles for Export Goods

We have more than 200 company owned trucks fitted with ISO Standard Containers which are weather proof (water proof, dust proof, contamination proof). Container transportation is an international standard that we use in India to transport consignments like garments for Exports, medicines, expensive and delicate machinery, computers, edible foods etc. The sizes of the containers that make up our fleet are 20 Feet/22 Feet/24 Feet/28Feet/32 Feet, so whatever the size of the consignment we can provide the container, to make sure that the consignment is not cramped and also not too loosely stacked to avoid damages. Each and every Truck Container has 2 well-trained drivers so there is no stopping en-route.
a) Normal Delivery Service is a service where the consignment is delivered within 60 hours and no extra amount is charged for the same. b) Express Delivery Service is a service where the consignment is delivered to the concerned CFA within 36-40 hours and an additional amount is charged to give this specialised service.

Vehicles for Industrial Goods

Our company has more than 250 multi-axel trucks especially made to carry industrial goods such as Drums, Bags, Heavy and Light Machinery, Delicate Items, Food Stuff. These trucks are engineered so there are no damages to the consignment. Our truck engineers make sure that there are no sharp edges, nails and any other building material to damage anything. The flooring is specially fabricated so that all the shocks of the roads and the braking is absorbed and is not passed on to the delicate items like electronic goods etc. For the rainy season the trucks are equipped with the best quality tarpaulins and PVC sheets to protect the goods from the Rain God and the trucks are engineered so that the water keeps flowing over the trucks and no chances of seeping in. All the trucks are engineered in such a manner that one can load them from top and the backside both so entry and exit of complicated sizes or odd sizes (ODC) consignments are also taken care of. All the drivers are trained in the art of fire fighting so even hazardous goods can be loaded in our goods provided the same are insured with your underwriters.


Location is the key factor of having a good warehouse, this is what we have expertise in, to identify the right location so the customers have access to the right markets and have to spend very little to reach the right place or the ports of export so the cargo can reach in no time. For our Export customers we have warehouses right next to the Mumbai and Dronagiri ports for easy access to Mearsk, Punjab Conware,GDL etc. All the warehouses are owned by the company and are made to protect the valuables from the weather god and are manned 24/7 by security .the valuables are insured through a comprehensive policy, that covers all possible risks. The constructions of each of the warehouses is state of the art RCC type and are designed for easy entry and exit of consignments. We have installed Fire Fighting equipment at all the warehouses and all the unloading labor and the people are trained to handle situations, The warehouse keepers are very well versed with their job and the nature of all the valuables that they are handling, so when the consignment leave our warehouse they are in the same condition they were handed to us in. In case there is damage to the outer cartons then we have repair material handy to make the necessary repairs to avoid delay. .

Man Power

The office bearers are chosen with very stringent procedures and would be the best in the industry. Each and every person has ample experience in the field and their motto is once again a satisfied customer. Right from warehouse keepers to marketing to the management team they will solve the toughest problem without any effort.

Truck Drivers

Each and every driver is chosen after a long procedure. First we need a reference of an existing driver or an employee, then the driver goes through a driving skill test supervised by an expert who has experience of more than 20 years in the same field and after the driver has passed all the above he has to go through a defensive driving training at Hubert and Ebner or at IRTE both are driver training academies. Each of them is certified for safe driving and then only these drivers are entrusted with the job of transporting your valuables. Our company HSSE policy is most applicable for our drivers who cover lacks of KM a day using the same roads that we do and with their skill and advanced training they would make the roads safer to use for us and the generations to follow.

En-route SOS Support

We have offices en-route Delhi and Mumbai (Jaipur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Baroda-Ankleshwar-Vapi) to handle any emergencies. The officers in these branches are very well trained to handle all emergencies and they know that the time is short; the consignment has to be at its final destination as soon as possible. Within hours the problem how so ever big is sorted out and the consignment is on its way. Export cargo is given special attention due to the nature of business.


All the offices are connected with each other with the latest communication systems available i.e. Fax-Hotlines-Email-Mobiles. All the officers are well versed with Hindi and English so communicating with them will not be a problem at any time.

State of the Art Work Shop for Truck Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of running a good logistic company is that it has to have a healthy fleet of trucks to ensure uninterrupted operation and timely deliveries.
To be one up on our competitors we have a state of the art facility at Bilaspur (Haryana) whish is about 50000sq ft with the latest equipment and one of the largest stores with every part available in house. All the mechanics are trained by TATA Motors at their plants so quality repair is never an issue. The spares used are only manufactured by OE suppliers so breakdown are never heard of.
We have the lowest per truck repair cost compared to market standards and highest standards in repair. All these efficiencies help us make a perfect logistic company so people can relay on us, and being most competitive in terms of pricing is never a problem.

An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company

Our list of Customers include Indian as well as MNC's. We have to follow world class systems Accounting as well as Operational to meet the day to day ever growing demand of our Valued Customers. So in order to understand their requirements in the ever changing business environment we have been certified by an international body who have approved that our systems are in line with the ones used around the world.

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